educational research on the holocaust

“Put Hate On Hold”: Web Sites About Ending Hate

“Put Hate On Hold”: Web Sites About Ending Hate

  • Nazism Exposed
    “This page was created to spread information about the activity of Nazi, fascists andextreme nationalists in Europe.” Includes links to groups in Europe, as well as resources

Information Resources about the Holocaust

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Information Resources

  • The Nizkor Project
    This is one of the most important and ongoing Holocaust projects on the Web. Actually it is a collection of projects, with a group of volunteers headed by Ken McVay.


Current Search : Anna Kanfiel (previously Knopfelmacher(ova),

We would like to find the heirs (or any of their family members or anyone who can guide us to them) of Anna Kanfiel (previously Knopfelmacher(ova)

Anna died in Haifa, Israel, in 1973.


Current Search : Karel (Karl) LAMAC – Film Director

Can you please guide us to any family member of the late

Karel (Karl) LAMAC

born 27 Jan 1897 in Praha (Prague), Czechoslovakia,
died 2 August 1952 in Hamburg, Germany


Heroes and Rescuers: Web Sites

Heroes and Rescuers





Current Search : The heirs of Jindrich and Walter HOLUB

Can you possibly help us locate the heirs of two HOLUB brothers?

We are searching for the HEIRS of two brothers with roots in the Czech Republic:

1. Jindrich HOLUB,

Individual, Holocaust-Related Web Sites

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Individual Sites

  • For those looking to trace their family history, check these sites out:
    (also look at Tracing Our Family in the COS section)

Children of Survivors Web Sites

Children of Survivors Web Sites

The Cybrary also has a Children of Survivors Section.



There is also a groups of child survivors, who would tend to have younger children.  These were more likely displaced


Current Searches
Can you help us with these ongoing searches?

Online Education Web Sites

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Online Education

  • A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust
    Amazing…simply amazing. Student activities, timeline, links, and much more. “A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust” offers an overview of the people and events of the Holocaust.