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Lucille Eichengreen’s Story of Liberation

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Lucille Eichengreen’s Story of Liberation

From Survivor’s Transcripts

We stayed in this camp until the end of March 1945. Then they suddenly put us in trucks. We got off the trucks and they made …


Auschwitz I Entrance (Interior)


Painting by survivor
Tadeusz Siwek

Directly in front, the tree where prisoners being punished were tied. Sometimes the dogs would be loosed on them.

The building just behind the tree is the prisoner administration building and …

Students’ Web Sites

Students’ Web Sites

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Classroom Activities

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The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
ABC News and PBS Present The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Background & History

WWII, the Holocaust,
  and Eichmann

From Capture to Trial

Trial Info


Discussion Questions

Classroom Activities


  Adolf Eichmann was the principal logistical military officer of the Nazis’ mass murder of 6,000,000 Jews during World War II.

Survivor Web Sites

Survivors Online

Each Holocaust survivor

“Swiss Bank Dormant Account” and Related Information Web Sites

“Swiss Bank Dormant Account” Web Sites




If you have been told that regaining possession of Property in the Czech Republic is no longer possible or too late – you may have been given wrong information.

Even more so, you may know of people who were told


Czech Property and European Human Rights Legislation

Claims to regain ownership of confiscated Czech Real Estate fall into two main categories:

1. Inheritance

2. Restitution

The main difference between these is based on information derived from the Czech Land registries

Holocaust Museums and Memorials: Web Sites

Museums and

    Recently revised, offering ability to search what is available at the museum. Be sure to check here first if you are going to visit.
    In Israel, the museum also offers a

“Put Hate On Hold”: Web Sites About Ending Hate

“Put Hate On Hold”: Web Sites About Ending Hate

  • Nazism Exposed
    “This page was created to spread information about the activity of Nazi, fascists andextreme nationalists in Europe.” Includes links to groups in Europe, as well as resources