Anne Frank

Holocaust History Project from Brittanica

Holocaust History Project from Brittanica

holocaust history from hitler to Michael Berenbaum content

Holocaust history resources from Encyclopedia Brittanica, with 5 parts covering many subjects of interest to those studying the Holocaust.

More than a hundred articles comprise Britannica’s coverage of the Holocaust — including information that ranges from the rise of Hitler …

Anne Frank’s Diary Banned in Virginia

Technically, this is old news. However, it was
just brought to my attention, so I’m just now blogging about it.

If you follow what’s going on in the world of Holocaust
scholarship, or Young Adult literature (lucky for me, I

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

A few days ago, I wrote a research paper on historical fiction and the Holocaust for my PhD applications. I mostly discussed The Grey Zone, comparing it to its primary source and the play and film. But somehow the subject …