German Holocaust Survivor Selma Metzger Winkler

Selma Metzger Winkler


The following account was lovingly compiled by Martin Winkler, grandson of Selma Metzger Winkler, during many conversations with his grandmother. He has worked untiringly to set down the facts and circumstances of her story as correctly as possible, so that future generations will be made aware of the suffering and degradation endured by millions of people — people like Selma and her family — caught in the madness of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. “Lest we forget!”

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This book was privately published in 1984 by Janet and Martin Winkler of Memphis, Tennessee, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Winkler of Fort Stockton, Texas. Publication honors the ninetieth birthday of Selma Metzger Winkler.

Typesetting, printing, and binding were done, respectively, by House of Typography, Inc., Jiffy Print, and J&K Bindery, all of Memphis, Tennessee.

Copyright 1981 by Martin Winkler.

German Holocaust Survivor