“THERE IS NO EXIT”: Poetry from Pearls and Lace


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Editor’s Note:
Her feelings of desperation and forced calmness as the political situation worsens and she fears the imminent danger she and her family face in those last days before being led into the ghetto are seen in the poem:

And there is no exit.
My thoughts are jumbled,
I cannot find the answer.
Perhaps my eyes don’t see it.

They don’t see things right
And often shed away my tears.
At such times my days are boring.
And I feel I lived a long life.

And yet when the sun rises again,
It gives me new faith and comfort.
Once more I can hope with belief
And face calmly another day.

by Magdalena Klein

From Magdalena Klein, Susan Geroe (editor) Pearls and Lace.
Copyright © 1996 Fithian Press. Excerpts used by permission of editor.