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Museums and

  • U.S. HolocaustMemorial Museum

  • Recently revised, offering ability to search what isavailable at the museum. Be sure to check here first if you are going to visit.

  • Yad Vashem

  • In Israel, the museum also offers a chance to submit searches through their Hall ofNames project, where people can possibly find out what happened to members of theirfamily. Contact them for more information.

  • Massuah, the Institute for the Study of the Holocaust

    Massuah is a non-profit public organization dedicated to bringing about a greater understanding of the human dilemmas encountered during the Holocaust. It provides a unique blend of education and commemoration, including seminars for University and High School Students; teacher training programs; and the publication of educational programs. Massuah also has an International Pedagogic Center for the Teaching of the Holocaust, a museum, and has been running The Helen and Mendel Green Project for the Documentation of Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies on Videotape in conjunction with Yad Va’Shem.

  • Holocaust Kindertransport Site:


  • The Anne FrankHouse
    The Amsterdam museum dedicated to the memory of AnneFrank.

  • Association ofHolocaustOrganizations list at USHMM

  • USHMM Resource andLearningInfo

  • An extensive list of resources and educational guides at the USHMM.

  • The C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly LabsExperiments)
    This site is dedicated to the Twins of auschwitz and the experiments theywere subjected to by Mengele. It also talks about the museum.

  • The Tampa Bay Holocaust Memorial Museum and Educational Center

  • Holocaust Museum Houston

  • Home Page for the 104th Infantry Division is:
    104th Infantry Division

  • The Wright Museum of American Enterprise
    for World War II history.

  • Holocaust Memorial Center – Detroit, Michigan

  • El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

  • Chamber of the Holocaust Museum
    This is an extension of the Chamber of the Holocaust Museum maintained on Mt. Zion, near the Old City of Jerusalem. The Chamber of the Holocaust predates “Yad VaSHem” as Israel’s museum dedicated to maintaining the bitter memory of the Holocaust and its victims.

  • The American Friends of The Ghetto Fighters’ House

  • The Desert Holocaust Memorial – Palm Springs

  • The Mechelen Museum of Deportation and Resistance
    “The museum in Malines, a memorial, has been designed as theantechamber of death. Centering on this fatal deportation, it presents the history ofthe “Final Solution” in Belgium and in Europe. It allows us to understand how in Belgium nearly one out of two Jews perished during the Second World War. Furthermore, it is not only a museum about the deportation of Belgian Jews, but also about their resistance. Thanks to the support they received from the Belgian people, many managed to escape from their Nazi pursuers and their collaborators.” An excellent resource in Belgium.

  • “The HopeSite” by Victoria Holocaust Symposium
    It’s the official website of the Victoria Holocaust Symposium. The site invites people to remember and learn about the Holocaust, to reflect on what it means to today, and to rekindle hope for a better future.

  • Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno.
    We are in our fourth year at the University, and we now have a minor program in Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies. We are gaining momentum on our campus, and we’re in the process of securing support for our projects. Please help us generate recognition.

  • The Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial
    The presentation is based on the sculptures and buildings of Ken Treister, and features a virtual tour of the memorial. A fascinating new site.

  • The Sydney Jewish Museum of the Holocaust and Australian Jewish History

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