Genocide Web Sites: The Threat Continues…

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The Threat Continues…
Genocide Web Sites

This page submitted by Gabrielle Williams

    • The Genocide Research Project
      My colleagues and I have set up a web site called “Genocide:Resources for Teaching and Research.” Among the features of thesite is an annotated list of genocide related web pages, and onearea of that section provides links to on-line bibliographies.

      The Cambodian Genocide Program
      Between 1975 and 1979, some 1.5 to 2 millionCambodians died unnatural deaths, fromstarvation, overwork, torture and execution.The CGP includes a database of biographies,pictures of victims, maps of detention campsand killing fields, and historical documents.

      Genocide Links: Students of History at Concordia
      This one is really a fantastic starting point for sites concerning various genocides including a link to a collection of personal accounts of the killing fields of Cambodia which are very moving.


      All of the following sites deal specifically with the Armenian genocide

      Armenian Research Center Home Page
      Of particular interest here are the “factsheets” -I believe that these pages also have the quote of Hitler, preparing the Death Heads for their march on Poland, saying, “for who today remembers the annihilation of the Armenians…” -powerful stuff.

      The Armenian Cause
      This one is bilingual, English and French.

      The Armenian Genocide
      this site has links to some c. 1916 photographs of the Armenian genocide)

      Thank you again, it is so important to engage each other in dialog,


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