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Israel to Canada

Andrew Salamon & wife Ruth, with 2 sons and 2 of their grandchildren.The post-war period brought major changes to my life. Our family became more involved with the remaining Jewish community. I attended a Hebrew high school that taught Hebrew and Jewish history in addition to the usual academic subjects. And I joined a socialist-Zionist organization called HashomerHatzair.

After graduating from school in May 1949, my Zionist group went on a three-month odyssey around war-torn Europe, and then to Israel. In Israel, we joined a kibbutz, and thus began the best years of my life. We did agricultural work, and studied the language and culture of the land. We shared everything, even our clothes. For 3 years, I lived in a truly ideal and idealistic society.

I spent the next 3 years serving in the Israeli air force, fulfilling compulsory military service. Upon being discharged from the army, I joined my parents in Acco, where I met and married a lovely girl of Sephardic background named Ruth, whose family was from Tunisia. A year later, Ruth gave birth to twin boys who we named Nimrod and Elan.

Our life in Israel was poor and harsh, but also friendly. Living a fairly low standard of life, under constant threat from ennemies, brought people close together. The simple life meant simple, open relationships and easy friendships.

In 1961, we moved to Canada. The alien land, language and climate didn’t deter us from settling into a new life. We both began studying and working: Ruth became a teacher and I, a computer system analyst. We progressed professionally, bought our first home and became full-fledged Canadian citizens.

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