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Food Fantasies

A favourite game, which we younger children played, was called “imaginary banquet.” One player would recall a memorable meal he or she had eaten and describe to us in the greatest possible detail the various courses, from appetizer and soup through to the main dish and, most importantly, the dessert and fruit. The game called for maximum exaggeration in recalling appearance, smell and flavour.

Occasionally, an argument would erupt over the relative merit of one kind of caviar over another, or the best wine to serve with a certain dish. There was great competition to make the group swoon at the mere mention of delicacies we hadn’t seen for years and which we might never live to enjoy again. The mention of chocolate, linzer or dobos tortes elicited the strongest reaction from the small band of starving dreamers. We would fantasize: when the war is over…what quantities of palacsinta we will devour, how many slices of watermelon we will eat…When the war is over…

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