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Harsh New Measures

The man who arrived with the German occupational forces, Adolf Eichmann, didn’t waste any time introducing harsh new measures. Anti-Jewish orders appeared daily, posted on walls all over the city:

  • Jews were ordered to hand over all items of value: jewels, coins, foreign currency, etc.
  • Jewish presence in any business or professional activity was forbidden.
  • Jews were only allowed to be outside during certain hours of the day.
  • We were banned from all public places, except stores. We couldn’t use streetcars or taxis; we weren’t allowed to attend any public performances, movies, theatres or concerts; and we were forbidden to eat in restaurants.
  • By April 3rd, every Jew was required to wear a yellow star.
  • Jews had to leave their homes to go to the ghetto or into designated “yellow star buildings.”

We had to make immediate adjustments to our daily routine. Our lives were drastically altered.

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