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Our Home Is Confiscated

Yellow stars clearly designated Jewish dwellings.On April 4th, it was announced that all Jews were to move into designated buildings marked with yellow stars. That meant the end of our freedom. In the suburb where we lived, the nearest such building was attached to our synagogue, which had long since ceased functioning.

Mother managed to get a room for us in the house, including shared use of the kitchen. A few days later, we left our apartment, carrying only some hand luggage and bedding, and closed the door behind us. I was heart-broken. Our furniture, clothing and everything else was left behind, including my beloved violin. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to say goodbye to our neighbours or our home. Mother must have suffered terribly: she had to leave all her treasures, her kitchenware, her clothing and accumulated possessions from two decades of married life. These belongings later disappeared from our apartment.

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