Holocaust Poetry

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Holocaust Poetry

The following poetry was created by the Kyle School 6th grade class (Troy, Ohio) studying the Holocaust.


The color of one’s skin,
Doesn’t tell what’s within.

The color of one’s hair,
Won’t tell you what’s there.

No-one’s quite the same,
So why give the Jews the blame ?

Nazi’s weren’t superior,
Nor the Jewish inferior.

Let peace be the sequel,
Because God created us all equal.

By Annie Leptak


THEY took Them to a place, a concentration hell,
THEY thought Them dead as soon as they fell.
THEY called Them Jews and gave them a big J,
THEY wouldn’t allow some to live even for a day.

THEY stripped from Them their religion and freedom of speech,
THEY gave Them a number — one for each.
THEY told Them not to yell,
THEY feared that the Jews would tell.

THEY must live with their actions night and day,
THEY must prepare to live in a hell some day.

By Brittney Hopsecker


Remember the pain of the Holocaust,
The lives of 11 million men, women and children were lost.

The trains came in full of Gypsies and Jews,
To be sent away to a world of filth and abuse.

They endured these horrors, some for minutes, others for years,
They screamed many prayers and shed many tears.

So remember the pain of the Holocaust,
For how many lives will the next one cost ?

By Ashlee Ray

The Beginning of The End

The beginning of the end started one day for different families.
But I didn’t dare say anything because it wasn’t happening to me.
The cries of children rang throughout the town.
Their eyes of different color shed tears on the ground.

The Germans chose which way they would go.
Families torn apart, feelings were shown.
Men that seemed strong before now began to cry.
I sat back and relaxed and wondered why.

I wondered why being different was so bad.
Everyone is different, I felt so sad.
Sad because it wasn’t me, sad because it was you.
Sad because of the many things people didn’t do.

By Sandy Ball


I used to run and play all day,
But now it’s nothing but work.
For hiding in the shadows,
Deadly monsters lurk.
My family all took showers,
But never came out clean.
For these monsters who had taken them,
Were unexplainably mean.
I fear the day that it may come,
For them to take me, too.
And against their deadly weapons,
There will be nothing I can do.
I sew and stitch every day,
I wait for God to look my way.
They punch us, kick us, throw us down,
They make our faces rub the ground.
Some are gassed, some are shot,
But none of them deserved what they got.
I’m taking it all day by day,
Still waiting for God to look this way.
I’ll wait until the very end,
I’ll wait until I’m free.
No matter how hard these Germans try,
They’ll never take hope from me.

by Stephanie Godfrey

The Wall in Daniel’s House (Daniel’s Story USHMM)

I am just a piece of wood with little more to say.
I am not bad nor am I good.
But, will I be torn down today ?

I am just a piece of wood flat, brown and can be broken.
I would talk if I though I could.
How many words are still unspoken ?

I am just a piece of wood, or am I more than that?
I would be glad if you understood.
I know a story that must be told.

By Tony Lehman