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Women and Families

An exploration into genocide by a group of sixth gradestudents.

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Anne Williams provided a challenge to her students' imaginations. These visions deal withfamily and women. As always, interpretationis left to the viewer.


Again these are large images so prepare to waita little when you load them. It's worth the wait.

Mother Praying

Artist: Neal Iverson
A vision of a mother with faith. © 1992


Big Nazi Truck

Artist: Ann Morris
A family is taken. © 1994

I Will Need a Friend

Artist: Cecelia Zepeda
Mother protecting child. Also Read the poem I Will Need a Friend © 1994


Woman in Field

Artist: Rachel Kruger
Isolation. © 1994


Two Girls

Artist: Rachel Kruger
Friendship overcomes everything. © 1994



Artist: Luke Hooper
There is always tomorrow. © 1994

Is It My Turn?

Artist: Sheila Lefebvre
Wondering and waiting. © 1994

The Angel in Hell

Artist: Brian Nichols
Two Boys and a kite, and a dream. Also read the poem The Angel in Hell © 1993


Woman and Fence

Artist: Gina DiPietro
What comes between me and you. © 1993



Artist: Gemma Lechlinski
Friendship. © 1994


Blank Family

Artist: Debbi Heath
Losing identity. © 1992


Purple World

Artist: Julie Eisete
Her view. © 1992

I Will Need a Friend               Return to PaintingLonely childrenCrying of hungerLight as a featherFragile as glass     People afraid         to to to sleep     knowing if they     will live the next     day.              I need a friend        to hold my hand        to keep me safe.

The Angel in Hell               Return to PaintingI lie here, sick and weak  dying here means    nothing      Nobody weeps        And Nobody prays          Only a Number            Only a Number              My body is weak                and skeletal                  but my soul                    is free!                        I do not                               complain                                of what they                                  took from                                     me.For I'm reaching forthe heavens.Now I pray.                      Stop the hate                             Please!                             

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