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Responses to the Holocaust

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Responses to the Holocaust…57 books,

listed alphabetically by title
Click on title to read more about it and order. Approaches to Auschwitz : The Holocaust and Its Legacy; Richard L. Rubenstein, John K. Roth; Hardcover; $20.69

Beyond the Ashes : Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust; Yonassan, Rabbi Gershom; Paperback; $10.75

Christianity, Tragedy, and Holocaust Literature (Contributions to the Study of Religion, No 41); Michael R. Steele; Hardcover; $49.95

Escape Through the Balkans : The Autobiography of Irene Grunbaum; Irene Grunbaum, Katherine Morris; Hardcover; $26.00

Facing the Abusing God : A Theology of Protest; David R. Blumenthal; Paperback; $24.30

A Guest in the House of Israel : Post-Holocaust Church Theology; Clark M. Williamson; Paperback; $19.80

Mother of the Wire Fence : Inside and Outside the Holocaust; Karl A. Plank; Paperback; $15.30

The Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust : A Christian Interpretation; David P. Gushee; Hardcover; $25.20

The Spirit of Renewal : Crisis and Response in Jewish Life; Edward Feld; Hardcover; $20.66

The Tremendum : A Theological Interpretation of the Holocaust; Arthur A. Cohen; Paperback; $9.85

Voices from the Holocaust; Harry James Cargas; Hardcover; $21.60

Why Should Jews Survive? : Looking Past the Holocaust Toward a Jewish Future; Michael Goldberg; Hardcover; $20.70

After Auschwitz : History, Theology, and Contemporary Judaism (Johns Hopkins Jewish Studies); Richard L. Rubenstein; Hardcover; $48.50 (Special Order)

Against All Hope : Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps 1938-1945; Hermann Langbein; Paperback; $17.96 (Not Yet Published — On Order)

Bearing Witness to the Holocaust, 1939-1989 (Symposium Series, Vol 31); Alan L. Berger; Hardcover; $79.95 (Special Order)

Bibliography on Holocaust Literature : Supplement Vol 2; Abraham Edelheit, Hershel Edelheit; Hardcover; $92.00 (Special Order)

Christian Resistance to Anti Semitism : Memories from 1940 1944; Henri De Lubac, Elizabeth Englund; Paperback; $15.95 (Special Order)

Contemporary Christian Religious Responses to the Shoah (Studies in the Shoah) Vol 6; Steven L., Dr. Jacobs; Hardcover; $57.50 (Special Order)

Contemporary Jewish Religious Responses to the Shoah (Studies in the Shoah, Vol. 5); Steven L., Rabbi Jacobs; Hardcover; $52.50 (Special Order)

The Convent at Auschwitz; Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski; Hardcover; $17.95 (Special Order)

Death and Birth of Judaism : The Impact of Christianity, Secularism, and the Holocaust on Jewish Faith (South Florida Studies in the History of Judai); Jacob Neusner; Paperback; $54.95 (Special Order)

Encyclopedia of German Resistance to the Nazi Movement; Wolfgang Benz, Walter H. Pehle; Hardcover; $35.55 (Not Yet Published — On Order)

Fateful Months : Essays on the Emergence of the Final Solution; Christopher R. Browning; Hardcover; $24.95 (Special Order)

Hasidic Responses to the Holocaust in the Light of Hasidic Thought; Pesach Schindler; Hardcover; $22.95 (Special Order)

The Holocaust As Interruption (Concilium, Vol 175); Elisabeth Fiorenza, David Tracy; Paperback (Publisher Out Of Stock)

The Imperative of Response : The Holocaust in Human Context; Robert Frey, Nancy Frey; Hardcover; $41.75 (Special Order)

In the Aftermath of the Holocaust (Judaism in Cold War America, 1945-1990, Vol 2); Jacob Neusner; Hardcover; $20.00 (Special Order)

The Jewish Bible After the Holocaust : a Re-Reading; Emil L. Fackenheim; Hardcover; $31.25 (Special Order)

Kiddush Hashem : Jewish Religious and Cultural Life in Poland During the Holocaust; Shimon Huberband; Hardcover; $35.00 (Special Order)

The Last Witness : The Child Survivor of the Holocaust; Judith S. Kestenberg, Ira Brenner; Hardcover; $36.50 (Special Order)

Liturgies on the Holocaust : An Interfaith Anthology; Marcia Sachs Littell; Hardcover (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Liturgies on the Holocaust : An Interfaith Anthology; Marcia Sachs Littell, Sharon Weissman Gutman; Paperback; $20.00 (Special Order)

Long Night’s Journey into Day : A Revised Retrospective on the Holocaust; Alice L. Eckardt, A. Roy Eckardt; Hardcover; $34.95 (Special Order)

Lost in Translation : A Life in a New Language; Eva Hoffman; Hardcover (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Martyr of Brotherly Love : Father Engelmar Unzeitig and the Priests’ Barracks at Dachau; Adalbert L. Balling, et al; Hardcover; $14.95 (Special Order)

Memory Offended : The Auschwitz Convent Controversy; Carol A. Rittner, John K. Roth; Hardcover; $55.00 (Special Order)

A Mission in Art : Recent Holocaust Works in America; Vivian Alpert Thompson; Hardcover; $59.95 (Special Order)

Narrative Theology After Auschwitz : From Alienation to Ethics; Darrell J. Fasching; Paperback; $16.00 (Special Order)

Neutralizing Memory : The Jew in Contemporary Poland; Iwona Irwin-Zarecka; Hardcover; $34.95 (Special Order)

One Jew’s Power One Jew’s Glory : The Life of Rav Yitzchak Shumuel Eliyahu Finkler the Rebbe of Radoschitz in the Ghetto and Concentration Camps; Yechiel Granatstein; Hardcover; $15.95 (Special Order)

The Origins of the Holocaust : Christian Anti-Semitism (East European Monographs, No 204); Randolph L. Braham; Hardcover; $30.00 (Special Order)

Prospects for Post-Holocaust Theology (American Academy of Religion Academy Series, No. 77); Stephen R. Haynes; Hardcover; $29.95 (Special Order)

Remembrance and Recollection : Essays on the Centennial Year of Martin Niemoller and Reinhold Niebuhr, and the Fiftieth Year of the Wannsee conference; Hubert G. Locke, Marcia Sachs Littell; Hardcover; $32.50 (Special Order)

Restoration As a Response to the Holocaust; Yissa Khar S. Teichthal; Hardcover; $29.50 (Special Order)

Rethinking Jewish Faith : The Child of a Survivor Responds (Suny Series in Modern Jewish Literature and Culture); Steven L. Jacobs; Hardcover; $57.50 (Special Order)

Riders Towards the Dawn : From Holocaust to Hope; Albert H. Friedlander; Hardcover; $24.95 (Special Order)

Risen from the Ashes : A Story of Jewish Displaced Persons in the Aftermath of World War II : Being a Sequel to Survivors (Studies in Judaica and The); Jacob Biber; Hardcover; $28.00 (Special Order)

Shoah : The Paradigmatic Genocide : Essays in Exegesis and Eisegesis (Studies in the Shoah, Vol 8); Zev Garber; Hardcover; $52.00 (Special Order)

The Stones Will Cry Out : Pastoral Reflections on the Shoah (With Liturgical Resources); Douglas K. Huneke; Hardcover; $55.00 (Special Order)

A Sun and a Shield : The Chassidic Dynasty of Dej; Devora Gliksman; Hardcover (Not Yet Published)

To Mend the World : Foundations of Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought; Emil L. Fackenheim; Hardcover; $39.95 (Special Order)

What Kind of God? : Essays in Honor of Richard L. Rubenstein (Studies in the Shoah, Vol 11); Betty Rogers Rubenstein, et al; Hardcover; $64.50 (Special Order)

Who Speaks for the Vanquished : American Jewish Leaders and the Holocaust; Leon Weliczker Wells; Hardcover; $56.00 (Special Order)

Witness Through the Imagination : Jewish-American Holocaust Literature (Jewish and Holocaust Studies); S. Lillian Kremer; Hardcover; $39.95 (Special Order)

Wrestling Until Day-Break : Searching for Meaning in the Thinking on the Holocaust (Milkin Library of Jewish Public Affairs); Eliezer Schweid; Hardcover; $51.50 (Special Order)

Writing and the Holocaust; Berel Lang; Hardcover; $45.00 (Special Order)

Yossel Rakover Speaks to God : Holocaust Challenges to Religious Faith; Zvi Kolitz; Hardcover; $19.95 (Special Order)

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