House of Terror Museum Visit in Budapest, Hungary | Nazi and Soviet Headquarters

David Dalka of Fearless Revival wrote this article about his 2010 visit to the House of Terror Museum in Budapest, Hungary.

Original Photo by Sam Whitfield  and Creative Commons License

Internet Hungary 2010 conference organizers invited me to be the business keynote speaker. Part of my honorarium was a three day guided tour of Budapest by limousine with a delightful tour guide. In those three days I saw more of Budapest than most tourists see in a month on their own self-guided tour. It was an amazing experience as Budapest was rich in history, museums, cuisine and many things to see.

My historical research indicated that posthumous influencers such as Peter F. Drucker and Albert Einstein emigrated to the United States due to various actions of the Nazi regime. I therefore wanted to visit House of Terror Museum. Much to my surprise my local guides refused to take me there upon my request. This made it all the more intriguing to me so I arranged for them to leave me alone for a few hours so that I could visit on my own. I later learned that many people in Budapest will not talk about the House of Terror or suggest tourists … Read More »