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Keep Yelling! by Maurie Hoffman

New! Chapter 13: Keep Yelling

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ISBN 0 646 21889 1

To my mother Regina
for insisting that I run from the annihilation.
In memory of
my father David,
my brother and sisters
and all the victims of the Holocaust.
To the future of my son David and daughter Regina.

Picture of Partisans

Maurie Hoffman was born in Galicia, Poland, in 1929. He lived there with his family until the German invasionin 1939, and for the following two years under the Russian occupation.

After Hitler broke his pact with Stalin in 1941 he spent thenext 4 years as a witness to our darkest times -- living on his wits andavoiding extermination by the Nazis, or murder by others -- by becoming a fighter with the partisans.

When the war finished he found his way to Italy, where he acquired a general education and compiled his memoirs. In 1949 he immigrated to Australia, dreaming of creating a family and establishing himselfin the business world. These memoirs have lain dormant for 40 years until he knew it was time to sharethem with his children and the rest of the world.

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