Interactive Map Part 9. Leaving Bremerhaven for the U.S.


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Harold Gordon’s Audio Files

Put Hate on Hold (85K)
Put Hate on Hold

Leaving Grodno

Harold’s Background (55K)
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I Was the Youngest Survivor (100K)
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Leaving Grodno
Good, 145K file
Average, 80K file

Going to Kelbasin:
Audio files in 5 parts
Part 1.
Father’s Coming

Good, 210K file
Average, 110K file

Part 2.

Good, 105K file
Average, 55K file

Part 3.
Almost Caught

Good, 100K file
Average, 50K file

Part 4.
SS and Me

Good, 180K file
Average, 75K file

Part 5.
The Last Time
I Saw Them

Good, 175K file
Average, 95K file

Dachau Liberation

Liberation Part I: From Dachau (85K)
Listen to the audio

Liberation Part II: I’d Never Seen a Plane Before (65K)
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Liberation Part III: “I Wish I Could Do That” (60K)
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Liberation IV: Escape (70K)
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Liberation: Conclusion, May 5, 1945 (85 K)
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What is my purpose in being here today? (50K)
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Students’ Letters (70K, one minute)
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