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A Virtual Tour of Auschwitz

On Every Day Since…
A Christian at Auschwitz

Welcome to my Journal

“The same day I saw my first horrorcamp, I visited every nook and cranny. I felt it my duty to be in a positionfrom then on to testify about these things in case there ever grew up at homethe belief or assumption that the stories of Nazi brutality were justpropaganda.”

– General Dwight D. Eisenhower

On every day since I first saw Auschwitz, Ihave wept.

– The Author


What follows here is the written and photographic record of five days spentvisiting two Nazi concentration camps in and near Oswiecim, Poland in September1993. Known as Auschwitz and Birkenau, the two camps were liberated in January1945. The remains of the camps, the survivors’ and liberators’ testimonies, andthe documentary evidence leave no doubt as to the enormity of the crimes againsthumanity which were committed there. This journal, which started out as aletter to my friend of 30 years, John Anderson Parker, is a work in progress andan expression of the belief that we must never forget.

Parts of this document will change. Most changes will occur in Afterwords as matters of fact are corrected and puzzles are solved. New orrevised graphics will appear in various sections from time to time. If theproject goes as hoped and a return trip is made possible, the quality and scopeof the work will be improved.

Comments and reactions are welcome by snichols@bellatlantic.net via e-mail, or fill in my guestbook and share yourthoughts.

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© 1993, Stuart C. Nichols

Illustrated Tour of Auschwitz, where you can just view the pictures Stuart took.

Part I
Rumors and Omens

Part II

Part III

Part IV
KL I (Auschwitz)

Part V
KL II (Birkenau)

Part VI
Kazimierz and Cracow

Part VII
Back to Birkenau

Pits and Ashes

Part IX

Graphics be patient, these will take a little time toload.

Plan of KL I (Auschwitz)

Plan of KL II (Birkenau)

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