Dedication: Interactive Multimedia and the Holocaust

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        Hor. LineLINE

            This project is dedicated to the children of the Holocaust: the survivors, those millions who didn’t survive, and those wanting to learn and change the legacy the Holocaust has brought to civilization. To Sara and Joel Dorkam, my friends in Israel who opened their hearts and home to me, this project is dedicated to you and to the memory of Hans Dispeker, a boy who left Germany in the 1930s and founded the kibbutz as Joel Dorkam.

            I also thank my parents, Michael and Laurie Dunn, for their participation, love, and support. To Gudrun Fehrer, I dedicate the promise to include the German experience and viewpoint in learning from the Holocaust. This is also dedicated to the members of the Holocaust Remembrance Committee (HRC), who in 1994-95 contributed their efforts to exploring the Holocaust and especially to Brooks Thorlaksson and Pat Kopp, who gave me a chance to perform Genericide as an independent play in a professional theatre. Finally, to the cast and audience of Genericide, who may not have understood that they were producing a CD-ROM, but whose interaction and feedback form the basis of this project, I thank you for joining in.

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