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Mr. Edwin Rothschild writes:

While I haven’t browsed all of the available material, it certainly looks asif you have put together an excellent resource on the Holocaust. As a child ofsurvivors I am very interested in supporting educational efforts in our schoolson this unspeakable period in human history. Last year my now 12-year olddaughter did a “History Day” project on the Holocaust. Encouraged byher 6th grade teacher, she wrote a “fictional diary” based on factualresearch and interviews of a young girl who escaped Germany in the late 1930s,joined the World Jewish Congress and helped in the effort to publicize the FinalSolution and to push the U.S. Government into action. I would be interested infinding out if your project and other projects might be interested in obtaininga copy of her work — the diary as well as the underlying research. She hadseveral fascinating interviews with figures who were actually involved — JanKarski, Gerhardt Riegner and John Pehle. Her project won first place at herschool, in Northern Virginia, second in the state and went to the nationals heldat the University of Maryland.

It is our privilege to present excerpts from “TheDiary of Hannah Rosen: Europe’s Jews and America’s Response, 1937-1945