On Every Day Since – Illustrations

On Every Day Since…

List of Illustrations

©1993, Stuart C. Nichols





This page will allow you to view the pictures Stuart Nichols took on his visit to Auschwitz. To get around, click on a picture and then hit your back button to return to this page.

Part I – Rumors and Omens
Entrance to Birkenau

Part II – Transport
Railway Berth

Part III – Reception
No Images

Part IV – KL I (Auschwitz)
Camp Band
Reception and Laundry
Triple Fence Line
Camp Motto
The Way to Krema I and Monowitz
Block 12
Guard Path
S.S. Administration
Commandant’s Gallows
Death Drops
Prisoners’ Entrance
Mortuary/Gas Chamber
Fueling Stations
Desolate Places
Block 3
The Swimming Pool
The Convent

Part V – KL II (Birkenau)
The Maw
The Death Gate
The Ramp
A View of the Womens’ Camp
Quarantine Blocks
A View of Quarantine
No Smoking
Quarantine Row
Tack Rooms
Wooden Bunks
All-Important Numbers
The Darkness of Quarantine
Encouraging Words
Forced Separation
Remains of Family Camp
This Way to Mexico
Reconstruction or Revision ?
End of the Line
A Tool of the Trade
The Darkness of Women’s Camp
Some Light on the Subject
No Noise
Nazi Cartoon
Krema II
Mortuary/Changing Room
Museum Photo of Krema II
The Monument I
The Monument II
Looking Back

Part VI – Kazimierz and Cracow
Remuh Synagogue

Part VII – Back to Birkenau
Auschwitz Depot
Exterior of New Block
Interior of New Block
Administration Building
Unrestored Women’s Block
Kitchen Interior I
Kitchen Interior II
Kitchen Interior III
Sewage Treatment
The Sauna
Thatch Work
Home Sweet Home
VIP Residence
Village Church
Tour de Pologne
Remuh Synagogue Cemetary
Abandoned in Cracow

Part VIII – Pits and Ashes
The Pond
The Sauna Again
Drainage Ditch
Wooded Marsh
Grave Markers
Burial Grounds
The White Cottage
Krema IV
An Unguarded Point
End of the Road

Camp Plans
Plan of KL I (Auschwitz)
Plan of KL II (Birkenau)