Children of Survivors Web Sites

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Children of Survivors Web Sites

The Cybrary also has a Children of Survivors Section.

  • Resources for Children of Holocaust Survivors
    This extensive resource is for Children of Survivors, with numerous links and excellent references. “It is not about the legacy; it is about living with the legacy.”

  • International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children ofHolocaust Survivors
    I started two websites for second generation groups. One is a smallsite for a town which had 2,000 Jews in 1932 and has about 50 membersnow. The other group which started 8 years ago and has several hundredmembers in nine countries and is launched through the same URL(

  • AMCHA, the National Israeli Center for PsychosocialSupport of Survivors of the Holocaustand the Second Generation.
    AMCHA,Israeli Centers supporting Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation, has opened a web site describing their mission, activities, stories of survivors who receive their services, and sources of support.As the only organization of its kind in the world, we suggest you visit and learn what can be accomplished in psychosocial support.

  • Descendants of Augsburg’s Jewish Community newly formed Children ofHolocaust Survivors Group.

    We are currently a group of 35, whose parentslived in Augsburg, Germany. Our website includes copies of our newsletter,the history of the Jewish Community in Augsburg, and related projects ofour group.

  • Ha Galil Online (In German):

    The largest jewish site in german language -parts of it are in hebrew, some even in english or czech. When we startedin ’95 we just wanted to be a sign that Jewry in Germany still exists – and that we are still jewish. Our Holocaust Site deals mainly with the secondgeneration.

  • “The Ernest and Elisabeth Memorial Page: Survivors of the Holocaust”
    George Cassutto’s page for his parents.

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