Holocaust Remembrance Chat: May 4, 1997

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Yom Hashoah Commemoration Update
Holocaust Remembrance Chat: May 4, 1997

Dear Friends,

The second Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Chat Conference, sponsored by the Cybrary of the Holocaust and the Alliance for a Better Earth is scheduled for Sunday, May 4, from 12pm-3pm EST, 9am-12am PST, 5-8 GMT. Feel free to print this out and pass it on; you can also send email to cybrary@webletter.net to receive this message.

The chat will be held at:


Here’s how to work the chat:

    1. Click on “Enter Chat”.

    2. Fill in the form, it’s basic. NOTE: On Refresh Rate, set it to 20 seconds or so, it is defaulted to 8 seconds. That means your Web page will reload every 8 seconds to show the chat, I’d slow it down a bit.

    3. Use a browser that supports frames, i.e., Netscape 2 or better, Internet Explorer 3, etc. Visit the site and see if it works for you beforehand. Please don’t post messages until the chat.

    4. Chat can be tricky online; we’ve chosen a low traffic time, but if you run into problems it can be caused by a variety of reasons, many of which may be your Internet connection.

    If it isn’t working, please don’t complain at the chat. There’s little anyone can do to correct it unfortunately.

    5. Please focus your questions on the topics to be discussed and allow the hosts to direct the conversation. We invite input that is focused on the issues to be discussed.

Below are the three chats to be held.

Holocaust Remembrance Chat Conference

Online Holocaust Education:
12-1pm EST, 9-10am PST, 5-6pm GMT

In the first hour, Joey Korn and Mike Dunn will discuss online education efforts and the Holocaust. We will inform you of our plans to increase Holocaust education in the world and we look forward to hearing from you about your ideas. Mike founded the Cybrary of the Holocaust in April ’95 and it has grown into the premier Holocaust education Web site in the Internet. He plans to make it into a model for teaching the Holocaust and beyond. Joey and his wife founded the non-profit organization, the Alliance for a Better Earth, one purpose of which is to increase Holocaust/Tolerance education. We are working through this organization to gather funding and support to continue our Holocaust/Tolerance education efforts. Joey speaks in schools and at Holocaust education and teachers’ conferences around the country. We encourage teachers, students and anyone interested in Holocaust education to join us in furthering our online and offline efforts. You can learn about Joey’s father’s autobiography, ABE’S STORY: A HOLOCAUST MEMOIRS, at: http://remember.org/abe/

Harold Gordon, Survivor and Author:
1-2pm EST, 10-11am PST, 6-7pm GMT

Harold Gordon, Holocaust survivor, author, and educator, will host the second hour. Harold searched his soul to understand why he survived when so many others did not. His book, The Last Sunrise, is the result. He wrote:


1.To memorialize my beloved family, by putting their images in my book so that many, all over the world would know that they once lived and walked this earth. So that my mother in Heaven would be proud of the work I have done for my family and for others.

2.To help others, who have suffered and been abused, by helping them to let go of anger and resentments in order for them to focus all their energies on positive goals and a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

3.To give to charity: Whenever I speak to a Synagogue, Church, or to a service organization, I always donate a portion of the proceeds from The Last Sunrise to that organization. By doing so I give to many charities and not just to my favorite.

His book, THE LAST SUNRISE, is online at: http://remember.org/harold/books.html Harold has personally spoken before over 22,000 people, sharing his wisdom and his experiences during the Holocaust. Visit Harold’s Interactive map with stories and audioclips at: http://remember.org/harold/map.html

“The Allies, Europe and the Final Solution: Reexaming the Continuity of Human Abuse, Indifference, and Participation from Switzerland to the US.”

Dr. Konnilyn Feig:
2-3pm EST, 11-12pm PST, 7-8pm GMT

Dr. Konnilyn Feig will host the final hour. After more than 20 years of extensive research, interviewing survivors, and visiting concentration camp sites, Dr. Konnilyn Feig published one of the best documentaries of the Holocaust, HITLER’S DEATH CAMPS (Holmes & Meir, 1979). Since then, she has served as International Co-Chair of ARWAC – Aid to Refusnik Women and Children – a successful effort to get Prisoners of Conscience out of Old USSR. She is now a specialist in Eastern Europe, especially former Yugoslavia, and Romania and has spent parts of most of the past10 years in Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. She has spent much time in Romania, Croatia, Bosnia.

Dr. Feig still teaches the only Holocaust class in the 110 California Community Colleges and is teaching 2 of only 5 fully internet Western Civ and History courses on the Web. You can visit her pages at:

She recently led two sessions on the Holocaust for the National Conference on Humanities of the Community Colleges.

Dr. Konnilyn Feig was Dean of Business and Social Sciences and Professor of History and Political Science at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA, until she resigned to be a full-time professor and to have time to continue to pursue the issues of human abuse that seem to have followed the Holocaust. Formerly, she was Senior VP of San Francisco State University amd Dean of Arts and Sciences at University of Southern Maine. “As a Gentile,” says Dr. Feig, “I know that the Holocaust was not a Jewish problem but a human problem – and the continued copying of it throughout Eastern Europe is not a Serbian or Bosnian problem, but a global problem. The title of her talk will be:

“The Allies, Europe and the Final Solution: Reexaming the Continuity of Human Abuse, Indifference, and Participation from Switzerland to the US.”

You can read the chat she hosted last year at http://remember.org/ideas/feig.html.

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Look forward to seeing you there.

Michael Declan Dunn & Joseph Korn

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