CD-ROM: It Can Happen Again…

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It CanHappenAgain

Stories of Children, Survival, and theHolocaust


All are copyright 1995 Gudrun Fehrer.

Expected Date of Delivery: September 1995

Required for playback: Macintosh 68040 or better/8 MB RAM/QT 2.0/QT Musical Instruments/Sound Manager 3.0

Although we have designed the CD for Windows, we have been unable to completethis part of the project. We hope to gain some help on this in the future, but cannot provide the funding ourselves.

The culmination of two years of research, this project centers on the stories offour survivors. The challenge is to change the title of the story by goingthrough the survivor’s stories and finding clues. The goal is to change thetitle to Never Again, a commitment to preventing the Holocaust from happeningever again. Created as an artistic view, it invites imagination andcontemplation, listening to the stories of the survivors. It is only inMacintosh format at this time. If you are interested give us an email and we will try to makearrangements to get you a copy. Note that this is not being sold but we arelooking for a way to distribute. It does have the capability to play on Windowswith a little more work, but we’ve put in all we can. We’d be happy to talkabout further development of it with any interested parties. The CD-ROM will not include the Cybrary materials.

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