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The Holocaust and Current Events

The Fiddler of Rome

This poem is very hypnotic and evokes strange feelings of wonder. It is a poem about hope that asks us who...

Humor as a defense mechanism in the Holocaust, no frames

Thesis confirm by the senate of tel-aviv university to conferred the degree doctor of philosophy to chaya ostrower. This is a serious site about humor in the Holocaust. It is the abstract of my doctorate thesis about humor as a defense mechanism in the holocaust

“Put Hate On Hold”: Web Sites About Ending Hate

Return to Links || Cybrary "Put Hate On Hold": Web Sites About Ending HateRecovering Racists Network (RRN) http://www.jmckenzie.com/rrn ...

Holocaust Survivor Books in Education…A Legacy Forum for Teaching the Holocaust

Welcome to Education...A Legacy Forum. This section is for teachers looking to share and take advantage of numerous materials available. Please feel free to submit lesson plans, or take advantage of those contributed by others. Holocaust education can be assisted by your contributions; the moderator for this section is Stuart Nichols.

The Empty Mirror

A place to think, consider, and create the topics. Read stories that others have shared.   Share a story, or thoughts. What does the Holocaust mean to you? No...

Holocaust Remembrance WebChat: Gary Mokotoff, Tracing our Relatives

Return to WebChat Page || Chat with John Loftus || Chat with Dr. Konnilyn Feig Holocaust Remembrance WebChatApril 16, 1996Gary...



The rise of ...

What is Humor

What is Humor

Holocaust Essays: Hitler’s Henchmen: Willing Followers in Genocide

Holocaust Essays: Hitler's Henchmen: Willing Followers in Genocide The following are essays created by a class studying the Holocaust. If you'd like to send your comments,...