Escapees from Auschwitz

Return to Resistance | Witnesses Escapees from Auschwitz"On April 7, 1944, two Slovakian Jews, twenty-six-year-old Alfred Weczler and twenty-year-old Rudolf...

Artur Seyss-Inquart

Return to The Aftermath | Facts Artur Seyss-Inquart (1892-1946) Austrian National Socialist politician and Reich Commissioner for the Netherlands....At the Nuremberg Trial,...

Voices of the Shoah, Remembrances of the Holocaust, a few PHOTOS

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How to Use this Guide

|| Return to The Holocaust--A Guide for Pennsylvania Teachers || How To Use This Guide Prepared by Linda Hurwitz, Director ...

Vera Laska on Researching the Holocaust

Return to Educate   Yad Vashem Martyrs' and Heroes' Memorial Authority in Jerusalem is a depository of documents and memoirs on the Holocaust, mostly in German,...

“Swiss Bank Dormant Account” and Related Information Web Sites

"Swiss Bank Dormant Account" Web Sites  

Cybrary of the Holocaust: Images

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