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The Extermination Factory – Auschwitz

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The Extermination Factory – Auschwitz

The extermination plant with the most advanced design anywhere in the world consisted of two large crematoria/gas chambers and two smaller ones. Crematoria Four and Five were built …

The SS Einsatzgruppen

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Documentation of The Mass Murder of Lithuanian Jewry

by the SS Einsatzgruppen – “Action Groups”

from a Secret Reich Letter

The Commander of the Security Police and the SD Einsatzkommando 3
Kauen [Kaunas, …

The Empty Mirror

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The Empty Mirror

A place to think, consider, and create the topics.

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Liberators: Dachau Liberation by Chuck Ferree

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Dachau Liberation

by Chuck Ferree

    Pronounce it as though you were clearing something nasty from yourthroat…DACHAU. My first inkling that this pleasant Bavarian villagewould become a word to chill the blood, came from the terrible

CNN Presents Is Looking for a Survivor and Child Who Visited A Camp Together

NOTE: This request is no longer active.

Dear Holocaust Survivors and family members,

CNN is currently researching a segment for a show called CNN Presents. The segment will take a close look at the issues involved in a parent/childrelationship where …


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Holocaust Remembrance Chat: May 4, 1997

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Yom Hashoah Commemoration Update
Holocaust Remembrance Chat: May 4, 1997

Dear Friends,

The second Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Chat Conference, sponsored by the Cybrary of the Holocaust and the Alliance for a Better

Liberators: My Holocaust Experiences by Charles V. Ferree

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My Holocaust Experiences
by Charles V. Ferree

It is extremely important for Liberators and any other witnesses to the atrocities of the Holocaust to document their testimonies. We would like to build a Liberators’

CD-ROM: It Can Happen Again…

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It CanHappenAgain

Stories of Children, Survival, and theHolocaust


All are copyright 1995 Gudrun Fehrer.

Expected Date of Delivery: September 1995

Required for playback: Macintosh 68040 or better/8 …

Holocaust Remembrance International WebChat

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Holocaust Remembrance International WebChat

“We must, as EmilyDickinson said, hold deep within ourselves a sense of scandal so overwhelmingthat it affects every significant aspect of our lives. We must keep our