Holocaust Art

The 71st Infantry at Gunskirchen Lager, Austria – 1945

Gunskirchen, Austria – May 4, 1945

When my maternal grand-mother passed away, I came into possession of a small pamphlet owned by her second husband’s (my step-grandfather) brother. His name was Ken Hoffman and he was a member of the


The damning evidence against the Nazi war criminals found at Gunskirchen Lager is being recorded in this booklet in the hope that the lessons learned in Germany will not soon be forgotten by the democratic nations or the individual

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From Rachel Korazim, Jerusalem, Israel

Subject: The Gunskirchen site
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 21:16:29 +0300
From: Rachel Korazim
To: jmooney@javanet.com

Dear Mr Mooney and Family

This note comes to you from Jerusalem in Israel. It is very hard for

Hotel Modern’s KAMP

As a member of many groups to do with the Holocaust and remembrance, I recently found an e-mail that sparked my interest. I came across the performance art piece KAMP, but Hotel Modern (a Dutch group of performers) took place …

What Good Can Come of the Holocaust?

Being a hopeful Holocaust scholar, writing a Young Adult book on the
Holocaust and being a Jew, the Holocaust is constantly in the corners of
my mind these days. Naturally, someone driven to be a Holocaust scholar
or write a …

Holocaust Paintings and Poetry by 6th Grade Students – images of children in the holocaust

The Holocaust Channel opens today with the first presentation that was ever shared with this web site.  Back in 1994 a teacher in Paradise, California taught the Holocaust to students using poetry, painting, and imagination.

They were generous enough to …