Holocaust Survivor – Poland – Harold Gordon

The Last Sunrise by Harold Gordon

My name is Harold Gordon now! But 55 years ago I was a (10) year old boy whose name was Hirshel Grodzienski. I lived with my family in Grodno, Poland, a city of …

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

A few days ago, I wrote a research paper on historical fiction and the Holocaust for my PhD applications. I mostly discussed The Grey Zone, comparing it to its primary source and the play and film. But somehow the subject …

Hotel Modern’s KAMP

As a member of many groups to do with the Holocaust and remembrance, I recently found an e-mail that sparked my interest. I came across the performance art piece KAMP, but Hotel Modern (a Dutch group of performers) took place …

What Good Can Come of the Holocaust?

Being a hopeful Holocaust scholar, writing a Young Adult book on the
Holocaust and being a Jew, the Holocaust is constantly in the corners of
my mind these days. Naturally, someone driven to be a Holocaust scholar
or write a …