Anna Scanlon – Guest Editor

Anne Frank’s Diary Banned in Virginia

Technically, this is old news. However, it was
just brought to my attention, so I’m just now blogging about it.

If you follow what’s going on in the world of Holocaust
scholarship, or Young Adult literature (lucky for me, I

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

A few days ago, I wrote a research paper on historical fiction and the Holocaust for my PhD applications. I mostly discussed The Grey Zone, comparing it to its primary source and the play and film. But somehow the subject …

Hotel Modern’s KAMP

As a member of many groups to do with the Holocaust and remembrance, I recently found an e-mail that sparked my interest. I came across the performance art piece KAMP, but Hotel Modern (a Dutch group of performers) took place …

What Good Can Come of the Holocaust?

Being a hopeful Holocaust scholar, writing a Young Adult book on the
Holocaust and being a Jew, the Holocaust is constantly in the corners of
my mind these days. Naturally, someone driven to be a Holocaust scholar
or write a …