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Here Zev is returning to his childhood birthplace with a Torah. It is the first day of Passover, 1995, exactly 50 years TO THE DAY after Zev’s family and he were taken from their homes by Nazi collaborators and put into the camps.

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Zev carries a Torah that we brought from Los Angeles to his birthplace, Vinogradov, a place in which he had not had an aliyah (been called up to pray in front of the Torah) in over 50 years.

In the foggy early morning in Vinogradov’s town center, Zev stands next to a statue of Lenin. He smiles and says, “Lenin was a Jew. That’s what they say.”

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Zev selling Ice Cream in Beregovo. Everyone loves the ice cream man. According to those we interviewed, Zev even came out to sell ice cream in the rain. The only difference was he brought out an umbrella to keep dry. The children all loved Zev because he would allow them to have ice cream even if they had no money–as long as they promised to bring the money the next day. The word on the cart translates to “Ice Cream.”

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These are the Rom, or a less acceptable word, the Gypsies. Zev grew up with Rom in his childhood backyard, and today he still counts Rom among his friends. In Carpati you will see Zev enjoying celebrations with Rom, watching as they play music, dance, and explain their relationship to the Jews both before WWII and today. Zev was put into Auschwitz with the Rom; importantly, he is a witness to the Nazis’ incarceration of these people.

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