Introduction and Help

Navigating QuicktimeVR panoramas:

1. Click on a photo (like the one below)

2. Hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse left or right. As you do that, the scene turns with you, the observer . Try it here:


If no image appears above, you don't have the Quicktime browser plug-in!
Read on for download instructions.

3. Take a look at the bottom of the picture:

Significant objects in the panoramas are marked as hotspots and annotated.
As you put the cursor over an object, a description is displayed below the image.
Try it with the panorama on the left.

You can also zoom in and out:

Troubleshooting - Quicktime does not work on 64 bit Windows or Macs (newer).

If no image is displayed above, or if you only see a large black square, the Quicktime plug-in is not installed in your browser. You can download the free Apple Quicktime player software from:

Or, try the Flash version of this exhibition...

Check the help page for more troubleshooting advice.