All photographs copyright © Alan Jacobs.

Blocks 10, 11

The first view is outside of the Block 11 courtyard where prisoners were shot in the head against the black wall at the opposite end. Scrolling to the right, you see the entrance to Block 11, the function of which is described in the previous image.

Scrolling further you see a guard tower and then a large red brick building outside the wall were warehouses for storage of Cyclon B (poisen gas) and looted property of the Jews: suitcases, etc. The low dark wooden building is the camp laundry.

Scroll a bit further to Blocks 21, 20, part of the complex of prisoner hospital buildings. Next is a long street that led to the Crematorium.

Scrolling right, Block 10. Professor Dr. Carl Clauberg, a German gynecologist, carried out criminal sterilization experiments in this block from April 1943.