All photographs copyright © Alan Jacobs.

Auschwitz I Appelplatz (Roll Call Square)

The first view is of the corner of a barracks built with prisoner slave labor. As you move to the right you see one of the camp's streets of dirt and stones, and then a row of barracks.

Moving on to the right you see the rear half of the Appelplatz (roll call square) where prisoners stood at attention in ranks in the morning and in the evening. They were forced to stand here with no exceptions for weather [link]. When the prisoner count was short they stood until it was correct, sometimes all night. This, while enduring a conscious program of psychological dehumanization and physical degradation consisting of frequent beatings, insufficient food, primitive sanitary conditions promoting disease, little or no medical attention, and long hours of brutal slave labor with constant harassment and beatings.

Scrolling right you see visitors strolling along a street lined with trees, grown much larger than in the old days of the camp. Moving on you see the front half of the Appelplatz with the chimneys of the camp kitchen beyond.