All photographs copyright © Alan Jacobs.

Block 11: Standing Cells

As you scroll to the right you will see successive levels of brick removed to show the interiors of these punishment cells. As it is, all of the cells were reconstructed after the war. It was Commandant Liebehenschel who had them dismantled after taking over from Commandant Hoess! He also removed the box for informers, placed on one of the buildings in Auschwitz I camp). They were 90cm x 90cm, just about 3x3ft. Prisoners were made to crawl in through small doors on the floor. Once inside it was impossible to sit down. Sometimes 4-5 people were placed in here overnight with no toilet facilities. Moreover they had to work in daytime like anyone else, only to return back after the evening roll call. When the camp Gestapo was trying to extract information prisoners were made to stay longer.