Abe's Story - Kutno ghetto drawing

Exploring the Kutno Ghetto, Winter 1939

2. Kutno Ghetto

Early winter 1939- Abe's entire family is deported from Ostrowy to the Kutno Ghetto with the rest of the town's Jews.

In this scene, Abe and his sister sneak around and realize that they are in a closed ghetto, a walled-in prison.

Hundreds of Jews are forced to live together in an old warehouse formerly used by a sugar factory. There are no provisions for sleeping or for heating the large room they are forced to live in.

Eventually, about 2000 people have to share one open pit toilet and one hand pump for water. They have to stand in long lines to use the toilet, to draw water, and to get their meager ration of food. The prisoners have to make do as best they can.

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